Top Ways To Prevent Slipping Accidents At Work

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Top Ways To Prevent Slipping Accidents At Work

While in a rush at the workplace, we often become the victim of some accidents like slips, trips or fall and then demand compensation for it from the workplace. While it is an employer liability to compensate for work place injuries; it is also the duty of every employee to be extra vigilant and avoid unnecessary accidents. Since slipping is one of the most common recurring accident, let’s look at some tips to prevent slipping accidents at work.

Don’t run

Running is one of the top causes leading to slips and similar work accidents. One should always walk and also stop people from running about and encourage them to walk to avoid any untoward incidences.

Be careful with mats and rugs

Worn out mats and rugs often develop rugged and curled corners which cause a person to trip over. Their stray threads, bumps, lumps, uneven edges etc. also becomes the reasons for accidental fall, slips and trips. In such scenario while an employee should be extra careful while walking on them; the employer should replace or repair them at the earliest to make them safe for walking.

Mark or eliminate any floor level changes

Any unexpected steps or alterations in the floor level carry a high health and safety hazard and must be taken care of the earliest. To make any change in floor level apparent to all and thus safe, one can resort to changes like better lighting, better floor markings, hand rails etc. This will make the difference evident to any person passing through the area and he would be vigilant automatically.

Rectify bad lighting

Another very common cause of accident at almost any place is poor lighting. Simply by ensuring proper lighting, one can eliminate the accidents at work by a healthy percentage. Proper lighting should be present across all floor levels and especially stairs where the chances of falling down are higher.

Sensible shoes should be mandatory

High heels, ill-fitted shoes or other hazardous shoes makes one highly vulnerable to workplace accidents like slips, trips etc. Laying down guidelines for sensible footwear and strict enforcement of it would benefit both employer and employee.

No loose wires or cables should hang open

Getting entangled in loose wires or cables left open often cause numerous work accidents. Thus open cables and wires should best have cable guards to reduce risk. In case, it has to open for some reason, a hard-to-miss signpost must be installed to make everybody careful while passing through the area.

A little precaution can save lot of pain and inconvenience for all.


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