How to Deal With Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are chosen by their respective insurance companies to represent them when negotiating settlements. There is public insurance adjuster and independent insurance adjusters who can be used to ensure that you get the auto insurance claim you deserve.

You have just been in an automobile accident. Your car is damaged, you are hurt and you have lost days at work. You know that to be compensated for your vehicle’s damages, your bodily injury and your lost wages you will have to deal with the at fault party’s insurance. This article discusses how to deal with the person you have to negotiate for what you are out from our accident – the insurance adjuster.

The insurance adjuster can be an intimidating person. They are the representative for a large insurance company. The company’s objective is to collect in money not to funnel it back out. That is why the adjuster’s goal is to negotiate a settlement as for as low a figure as possible.

You are just one person while the adjuster has a whole company’s resources. As soon as the insurance company was alerted to the accident their insured was involved in they start their calculations. They calculate how much your car is worth and what the damages sustained are worth.With medical injuries they have known amounts for the type of accident that occurred. With these numbers and more they want to start negotiations as soon as possible with you.

Why would an adjuster want to settle with you so quickly? If you settle quickly they assume you need the money immediately so to get the funds you will settle for a low amount. If they waited to settle more injuries might be noticed, more medical bills might arrive and more medication might be needed. Those “mights” could add up to a lot more money the insurance adjuster does not want to hand out if he or she does not have to.

What Do You Need To know In Order To Deal With Insurance Adjuster?

You need to have your facts and documents in good order and very detailed.The adjuster is used to doing these negotiations daily while if you are lucky, with few accidents to your name, you will only have to do these a few times in your lifetime. This gives them the upper hand thus that is why you need to be so prepared.

Once you have presented your documents to the adjuster they are sure to have questions. They will question why you sought medical attention. They will try to relate this accident injury to past injuries if at all possible. They will question your medical doctor’s opinions. Do not get into an argument over your medical bills. You should point out that you are not a medical expert, that the doctor is and his report should stand by itself. This is one reason to try and have all medical reports as detailed as possible so the adjuster cannot read into it, the facts will be laid out in black and white.

Once the medical bills have been found to be legit it will be the pain and suffering that you have to prove. Again your doctor’s notes will be very important. Make sure that you had the doctor note all the issues you encountered from the accident. The severity of the pain should be detailed as well as any prescriptions that have been filled to help with the pain.

The adjuster should listen to reason. They will be able to tell by this time you have done your homework and are serious about getting a fair settlement. If at this time you feel that the adjuster is still not negotiating a fair sum with you the next step is to tell the adjuster you have no other choice but to find a lawyer.

Deciding to hire a lawyer will hopefully make the adjuster re-think the final figure given to you previously. If the new amount they offer you is fair this will allow you to settle on your own. The adjuster might continue to stand their ground at their unfair figure which will force you to hire a lawyer. If you do hire a lawyer, yes you will have to pay them out of your settlement but since lawyers are used to these type of negotiations most times they are worth their expense.

Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be a difficult task. The best way to negotiate is to be firm but aggressive. Be well prepared with plenty of documentation of why you deserve a certain amount of money for not only your car damages but your injuries and pain and suffering. Be persuasive in your discussions and stand your ground and you should be able to come away with a fair settlement.

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