4 causes of online business failure

online business failure

actually what is the cause of failure in doing online business that often occurs among beginners when doing and building a business? There are lots of photos that say that online business is a business that tends to be very easy to do because it is cheaper than doing an offline business.

besides that now there are lots of special classes or workshops that discuss an online business, including beginners who want to learn, even though people who have been in the internet business for a long time, but because many people fail than those who are successful in building a business on line. 

Here are the reasons for the number of people who fail in running an online business? 

1.Mindset in building a business is wrong

setting is a mindset that is in the human brain, this is the most basic thing needed when starting to learn and run an online business. those who want to be successful must have the right set and the chances of success will be greater because of the online business than them just got the wrong or incorrect dial.

So what are some examples of an incorrect mindset? his mindset assumes that the internet business can generate wealth quickly In his mind, he thought that the online business could be successful without any capital In their minds often sleepy online business is easy and sticking it to an online 

business really requires a strategy a mindset like the one above when reading someone has developed can even make someone fail. When someone wants to build a business, the mindset should be changed and must continue to learn and practice in online business.

2. Lack of knowledge of online business 

Swallow wants to build and start something without us knowing it is permissible in the sense that we are talking trial and error or trying it out on our own so in various natural processes it is a trial period. 

but in doing trial and error in the world of online business there must be separate knowledge, there are some basics that we must know and be able to learn about internet business, for example by creating a website or how to create email and others.

the most important thing is that basic knowledge from it must be possessed by those of you beginners who want to learn about online systems.

 3. Not focused on running an internet business 

This is something that is often the cause of failure in conducting and building an online business. The types of an internet business are indeed so diverse and there are many types of internet businesses that have potential and promising potential.

and it is very not uncommon for beginners to want to try this type of online business and think that by running all these businesses the beginners will soon succeed and become rich but the fact is that the more we have a business that is done, that is the opportunity for greatness to fail.

Therefore, the advice is that we must focus on choosing a business and according to all abilities and interests, for example if you have the ability to sell article writing services, then do it and focus on producing. 

4.Not serious in running an online business 

Online business is like being able to go offline, the difference in the media means that so that we can be successful in running a business that will make a profitable profit we must continue to run a business. 

those who do not want or are not serious about wanting to be successful in running an online business then don't dream that we have to focus on building a business with enthusiasm, don't focus on hard work, there is nothing wrong with the possibility of the percentage of success being more than that which is not serious. 

If in your mind doing online business is only or without the sand seriously and gradually the era of rice will take care of it and new players who ask seriously. Now we can see evidence that serious new players are able to run a business with strong determination.


The following is my article this time all by reading it does not add to my friends' insights, just more or less I'm sorry, thank you after reading.

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