4 standard online shop customer service

4 standard online shop customer service

In running an online business it is very pleasant, besides we can get benefits many times. Building a business or doing business online can make it easier for us. This convenience is often a priority in doing an online business which in fact is a dead point by many parties from the seller or the buyer itsel

This is because the advantages in online business are able to make internet-based entrepreneurs more and more, including in This Indonesia. However, what is in the minds of ordinary people at school is easy and fun, there are several online televisions that we must respect carefully because they have an important role in being able to get buyers to com

One of the things that makes it difficult for buyers to come is customer service. Customer service is very crucial in online business. With good servants it is able to open opportunities for business people to generate profits that are many times bigger and that also applies to the contrary

the more we cannot serve, the more difficult it is for business people to get profit. Here are tips for finding customer service in order to increase sales

1. Ease of information 

Customer service must have a standard, namely the completeness and convenience of information is the main thing needed by a customer. For customers who are able to get the right information according to the needs of consumers

they will be satisfied and sure to buy. and when a customer is happy and satisfied they will make that customer a loyal customer in buying your product regularly and make you lucky many times mor

2. Online shopping cart 

This feature is a unique feature of online shopping. If you are an online BPJS, you should not miss this feature, namely shopping carts. With the shopping card consumers make it easier to shop for their needs. in order for this feature to run as well as possible you have to make a transparency as clear as possible

besides that you also have to complete with features to add and edit it. so that during the process the buyer immediately wants to pay the consumer to feel comfortable and safe, make sure you also make the process as short as possible so that the buyer is not lazy and does not buy your good

 3. Delivery period of goods 

In the online business, goods are not accepted immediately but require time in delivery. This is because the goods purchased will not come immediately but it takes time for the product to reach the consumer. deformation this time you can provide a delivery period at the beginning when the buyer wants to check out along with how much shipping costs of the item

so that consumers are able to know when and how much to pay. do not make your customers wait too long because consumers will not be satisfied and your credibility is at stake so that later consumers will not buy again if the service is not good

4. Confirm the order 

Clove the purchase process and put it in the basket and the transaction finally occurs so you can do something to confirm your order quickly. Order confirmation really helps you to be able to make customer satisfaction and customer service in your store


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