Explanation and example of a business plan

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A business plan is to build a business with a plan or plans today which are often not healthy for novice businessmen without them knowing that this type of material is an important document so that the business will run smoothly. 

What is a business plan? 

Hisrich and Peter make experts in the field of entrepreneurship or business people who say a business plan is a document in which there are external and internal aspects related to the business operations being carried out.

So it is said if a business plan is a picture or plan made in order to run a business. In that business plan, there are very important aspects such as the background for production and any marketing plans and other strategies. 

most people very often deliver this document As well as just to jump straight into Caca and practice into the business world there is nothing wrong, but try to think first and formulate what strategies and plans are needed to build a business. 

The difficult thing is when you have to explain all the business prospects to potential investors, most of us, invite, invite, definitely ask for all documents for a clear form of your business being run and whether your business will run well in the future. 

The investors themselves will give up their capital for new ventures, especially if the leadership in the business does not want to show a proposal or purpose to present the business in the future.

 Why do you have to make a business plan? 

After reading the above, we must understand from the understanding of the business plan yourself, which is to make an example of a business plan, you must understand how it is carried out and what goals will be achieved from a business carried out as well as the benefits of making a business plan. 

1. Simplify the running of business 

The first reason is that when you want to build a pee spirit, of course it can make it easier to manage a business from this business plan, a leader is able to easily tell his employees to handle all aspects related to the business they are running. 

Starting from that, from the purpose of the establishment and duties for employees, after understanding all these aspects, employees will also be able to understand the direction of the business and be able to share a vision with the leadership so that they can realize the ideals of a company to progress and develop. 

As a result, the business can run in a directed and clear manner, starting from all preparations to implementation and evaluation of events that will prevent your company from arriving so that it can survive in building a business.

2. Helper in getting capital or investors 

Capital is not always obtained from our own capital. If the company is large, we must borrow a capital, indeed, when the beginning of the business, the amount of money must be prepared from the money in our own cage.

But at this time the leadership must be able to find investors or loan funds so that their business plan can run. The state is able to get all the investors. There is also one document, namely a business plan document. its function is to show that the business is founded on the basis of thorough preparation and research. 

Business is not the desire of the leader alone, but is a long thought which is formed from all conditions so that the company can progress, that is the business plan thinking. By using the document investors can decide whether it is the right place to invest their money or their capital in order to increase it.

 3. Make evaluation easier 

 According to Azwar, in his book evaluation is a process that is carried out regularly because there is a comparison between the criteria needed and the results that will be obtained later. The criteria referred to is the initial plan which later contains the business objectives itself and everything in the business plan document.

From the plan in the business plan, it is written that it will be seen what the percentage probability is in accordance with its estimates in the future, then which ones are on the right track and which must be fixed first before carrying out a business. 


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to the insight of all friends, more or less I am sorry, thank you for reading, if today I hope that the benefits can be shared with other friends, okay, thanks.

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