The prospect of a montong durian plantation business

montong durian plantation business
montong durian plantation business

 The prospect of a montong durian plantation business - this montong durian business is very promising because the price is a high price. This durian can be called the king of fruits and has characteristics compared to other fruits, both in terms of taste and aroma and skin to its benefits.

Even though the price of this durian is arguably expensive, for you durian lovers, you will be willing to spend more money to get the fruit they like. The amount of public interest about durian montong.

sharing information that has been found on the internet in managing durian montong in plantations is not easy which can make you very annoyed is the process of the fruit and it's quite a long time, that is, 5 years will be fruitful for a very long time for durian.

There are several factors why durian can bear fruit more quickly. Knowing it from the beginning, we can anticipate it so that durian can bear fruit faster.
Location of the durian montong plantation

This montong durian garden is very important because when you start seeding the durian montong it can be moved from polybags to the garden, the roots can be more flexible to develop and grow and absorb nutrients in the soil. Just ask, don't we plant durian fruit in place -high place.

because the humidiy of the air at a high place causes the seeds to be very easy to attack diseases such as diseases, namely rotten stems. even though the durian itself has a kind of tolerance story, but in terms of humidity you also have to be very careful because the symptoms are not listed and to be able to anticipate it.

if suddenly the wood has started to rot, this is a sign that you have a disease if it is like this we must immediately take a step to be able to apply fungicide. later bear fruit.
Pay attention to the intensity of sunlight

This durian plant usually requires 12 hours of sunlight to be able to carry out photosynthesis if less the result is a generative growth disorder or vegetative disturbance, the intensity of the sun must be right around 50%.

although from the plain itself it is low but the material is smaller but the sun's irradiation is direct for a long time, we must also remember that the low intensity of the sun will greatly disrupt physiological processes and later break down carbohydrates often it slows down.
Choosing durian seeds

If you really want to open a durian gardening business, you can start by using a seed for seeding it can be up to 12 years old. You can only see the fruit because just write the superior seeds. Pipit will be 5 years old, while from grafting until 8 years.


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