2 important rules of financial management for forex trading

 forex trading

When applying a financial or financial management in the world of a trading plan, it really takes time for a club with a trading strategy that is usually used in conducting traders, this is related to the amount of capital and the level of tolerance that varies from person to person, must be able to manage finances so that effective if the trader is capable and disciplined. 

there is no point if you have a plan that is in advance but makes a lot of quick or spontaneous or unthinkable decisions that end up interfering with your forex trading later. For example, if you are able to see an opportunity to make a big profit, single bet with the total capital you have at first, you only have a strategy not to bet more than 15% of your current capital.

 Use unused funds 

understanding of unused land You can set aside money or capital to do forex trading but do not use important funds or loan funds or related debt risks that are so great that you have to step up to prepare the worst risks if something happens at the time. do a treder.

 it could be that you will lose in doing it twice, but and those of you who are used are included in matters such as funds for children's school fees or so on, then the consequences are fatal if you do the transaction going forward.

In this day, we have to prepare funds that are not used, or funds that are ready to suddenly disappear, for example, when 3 months you set aside money for trader capital.

Know when to stop 

in the world of trading or forex traders must be able and able and obliged to do general and in-depth technical and fundamental analysis of the asset you want to acquire. The single market moves against it or the initial prediction will immediately take action to buy or sell. 

many people are afraid in a sell transaction even though it will cut the potential loss of each of these decisions even though surviving is the asset before. A profitable image can be in the future. But that is your man here. 

in business, not gambling. When your bprediction misses, take a decision for Carlos and analyze it first with the impression of another currency so that his hopes can be successful and come true. 

many traders who are not disciplined with the rules they make themselves and end up with home installments for forex trading often occur because of that there is an emotional effect that is important for you to make a decision that can be beneficial or detrimental to you or in other words a double-edged sword.


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