3 online marketing mistakes that novice marketers often make

                                          3 online marketing mistakes that novice marketers often make

Recently, the coolness of online in the world of marketing in making an online store will increase slowly, but surely there are various types of small businesses that are starting to try to penetrate the digital world, this phenomenon has a very influential on the intensity of the interaction between customers and sellers.

The world community is currently exposed to digitalization which makes interactions between consumers also switch to digital platforms like that can be done through the WhatsApp messenger Facebook chat. If you look closely, there will always be small promotions tucked inside. 

selling online is one way to be able to make money from the internet which can be quite promising but there are steps that are taken for digital marketing or marketing that are also not done carelessly so that their digitally promoted products can be converted to sales and generate multiple profits and profits.

Like in the world, marketing is done in a conventional way, online marketing is also carried out effectively even though there are still many online marketing mistakes that occur among novice marketers that can have an impact on results that are not directly proportional and can cause marketing efforts, namely losses if done in an persistently and makes small mistakes over and over again.

Here are three mistakes beginners should avoid

1. Do not use hosting and domain TLD 

If you are currently using a business, you have used a website for an online shop. There are two main things that you should not miss having built it that can be considered are posts and their functions. 

Hosting as a whole is a home or a place where you put all related data from the products you sell later. This headache is not just a kiss, you can also use it to secure the data that is on a website that you manage.

If you are in the web business using a hosting, then take advantage of the features provided by Osing, such as a very fast service and regular weekly or daily data back-ups. If anyone needs to do a hosting migration or migration, you can help the process to finish in support services . 

so from that it will be very inconvenient for you if you don't use a machine from the start to build an online store that you will market later, especially in terms of the data that comes in later to be safe and if that data can also be used again to make buyers buy. 

2. Not optimizing content with SEO 

Using try hosting or tumben is not only enough for a website but things that are filled from the website must have a regular blog content. Our content only functions to describe the product but is also sold descriptively. 

Because of the presence of content, it affects the Google index which will require your prospective customers to find your websites. so that Google wants and wants to prioritize as markers of content that must be in a WeChat must be optimized using SEO without seo,

all the collections in the slither index and the number of visitors are a little difficult to increase. it will greatly affect customers who are interested or even try the products you sell right. 

3. Selling without doing or story telling 

Make a good story in order to sell your goods, so don't let the beginner parasurama Carter create digital marketing content that later cannot use the item due to the lack of a boring and boring story effect so that it can't gain credibility or trust for potential buyers who later want to buy a product of yours. 

Stories sell, make a story that will later be able to help you increase a sales figure for the product itself, why this factor is important and should not be overlooked because if you use good words and the help of good images can increase the emotional side of the buyer and want to buy immediately.


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to the insight of all friends, more or less I apologize, thank you for reading this article, it can be useful so it can be shared with other friends so that the insight is also increased, thank you.

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